at last, my dear, those days are over – once and for all
I have cast off the suffocating chains,
extinguished the flames that greedily consumed
our very essence

oh, I wanted to be the fuel to your fire,
the means to your end;
so lovestruck, awestruck, dumbstruck
I let you turn me into smoke, into fume

but as I watched your embers and ambitions grow,
I grew short of breath
and flying too high to meet your skyrocketing demands
I plunged into ruin

but in the very nick of time,
gasping for air,
I eloped, escaped, evaporated

for they call me wind
and residing here, there and neverwhere,
I am nobodies’ to keep

Melting into thin, refreshing, crisp air,
at last, I am free

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